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PO Box 875

Crivitz, WI 54114

(715) 350-7173


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Thank you for your interest in renting from us.

The following information is required when filling out a rental application:

  1. Completed rental application for each resident over the age of 18
  2. A photo I.D.
  3. Proof of income (including, but not limited to)
    • 2 current pay stubs and/or
    • Copy of SSDI/SSI benefit letter and/or
    • Child support statement and/or
    • Most current taxes (if self-employed)

Your application will not be processed until we receive all information. If something does not apply to you, please enter “N/A”

All applications and supporting documents can be emailed to manager@middletonrentals.com, faxed to (715) 997-7073, or mailed to PO Box 875, Crivitz, WI 54114

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Rental Application_032519_Spanish

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